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What is Autocomplete:

As you type within the search box on Google, Autocomplete helps you find information quickly by displaying searches that might be similar to the one you’re typing. For example, as you start to type [ new york ], you may be able to pick searches for other New York-related search queries.

The issue becomes more serious when you type in your name such as John Smith, and you find out that Google shows other common searches such as:

John Smith Lawsuit
John Smith Rip-Off Report
John Smith Traitor
John Smith Thief

Google Autocomplete: The First Impression of One’s Personal Brand

With the innovation and advancement of technology, almost everything can be found over the internet. That is the reason why most people rely on the internet when searching for various things like products and particular services they need for their survival or for some purposes.

One of the tools that was mainly used internet users when searching for something online is called search engine. Most of the popular search engines nowadays are Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, etc. These search engines are the tools that can help someone search for the information or things they want to get online.

Among the most commonly used search engines, Google is the popular one because of its ease of use and exceptional feature. If you are one of the internet users, you may be familiar with Google search bar. So, what’s the very first thing you see when you are typing something on the search bar?

If the answer to your question was somewhat related to various websites found on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), then you are wrong. It is because that is actually the 2nd thing. So, what’s the 1st thing? The first thing that you will see are called Autocomplete suggestions. These are like the suggestions or values, which drop down from Google’s search bar.

During these days, there are 3 basic aspects of the Google-centric sphere, these include the brand of one’s personal name, humans and the mistakes that most commit, and Google look for an individual name that is both famous in both professional and personal spheres. With the said information, it suggests that Autocomplete is quite complicated to the online branding industry.

The information provided by Google has an impact on the personal branding. At present, search results are not the only thing that matters the most. Autocomplete suggestions are also said to be an essential thing before they are displayed or showed before a search engine provide search results. This is the reason why professionals or businessmen seek for a Google Autocomplete reputation management to boost their exposure in the online market most particularly to their targeted audiences.

Autocomplete for Various Companies: A Brief Overview

Last summer, there is an article that was published in Search Engine Land, which discussed about the impact of Google Autocomplete in every brand’s ORM and SEO strategies. This article covers some information about the values of Google Autocomplete for several companies particularly Fortune 500 companies. The data was analyzed and experts have identified the common values or groupings of words for various businesses. The most typical values that were found include jobs, wiki, news, careers, news, locations, company, services, solutions, address, and many more.

For those who have worked with a reputation management companies, they will understand how Google Autocomplete affect the popularity of a company. The worst is, Google Autocomplete can also has an impact on the reputation of the company. Negative values in Autocomplete including ripoff, scam or complaints are said to have a major impact on a business. Other than showing discouraging values, Autocomplete suggestions has also the power to scare away one’s potential customers. In fact, there are companies that are experiencing difficulties in providing solutions in raising funds, leasing office space, and hiring.

AutoComplete’s Impact on Personal Names

People also encounter negative Autocomplete suggestions for personal names. The suggestions may include DUI, Divorce, Lawsuit, Bankruptcy, and so on. In most cases, such suggestions were based on the various events, mistaken identity, and false claims. Since Autocomplete can affect one’s perspectives, those suggestions immediately affect the view of most searchers.

As a solution, many experts have seek for the most common neutral or positive Autocomplete values for notable professionals or individuals. Once they have tracked down the positive values, they will be able to target and beat the negative values that caused a huge impact to one’s perspective on a certain thing.

Research Approach

This approach involves pulling out the Autocomplete values for all Fortune 500 companies to use as the base values for the analysis process. These values were calculated frequently to determine the best solution that will reduce the impact of the negative suggestions on brands or personal names. The results of the approach are Wiki, salary, Net Worth bio, Facebook, house, wife, Twitter, email, and compensation.

How This Can Help

Although the most Autocomplete values are neutral or positive, the most polarizing and powerful are not. For instance, Divorce was the number 30 on the lists of the majority of frequent Autocomplete value for companies like Fortune 500. Like most people want, companies will do everything just to highlight the favorable characteristics than personal matters.

Steve Ballmer, a Microsoft CEO, is listed as the eighteenth wealthiest man in US and he is also one of the powerful men in the list of Forbes. However, although he has accomplished almost everything, most of his Autocomplete suggestions often show as the worst CEO. This suggestion may affect the personal brand of the person and his company. That is the reason why it is a must for everyone to take care of their positive image in order to maintain the exposure or perspective of a person. Fortunately, with different approaches available, there are Autocomplete values that can help one’s exposure level on brands.

Using Data to Boost Google Autocomplete Results

For those individuals who have negative Autocomplete results may still have the chance to improve such results. But, before you consider any approach or apply the right solution, you must figure out first how Google come up with the lists of Autocomplete suggestions. With the testing methods used by the experts, there are 3 main variables that were used to derive the results:

  1. Search Volume
  2. Content or General Mentions Across the Web
  3. Social Media Mentions

Since not all search phrases can be put up in one list only in just one day, there are several white hat methods that may help you improve your Autocomplete suggestions:

  • Social Media Accounts- if you are not yet active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, consider opening an account by using your name. Registering with such social media sites is easy at present. All you need to do is to follow the instructions provided by the social media site. Once you have registered successfully, consider updating your account regularly. When providing information about yourself, always use positive details to your profile. These sites may be ordinary for some, but this can help you generate most favorable suggestions.
  • Profile Websites– if you have a blog or your own website, it is always advisable to use positive information about yourself. You can place details on your site anywhere. Just make sure that it won’t hurt your visitor’s eyes. There is also another alternative set up your profile on various sites. You can try using websites such as HubPages, Qoura, Freebase, Wikipedia, Crunchbase, and many more. You can write anything on your personal background. As long as it will target the keywords that you want to see in Google Autocomplete, you are free to include anything. The best thing about the mentioned sites is that that they won’t require you anything just to allow you make your own profile on their sites. In addition to that, they will not control you when you are creating your contents about your profile.
  • Get Searchers Look for One’s Name Plus Positive Words– you can do this by asking favor from your friends or family to Google search your name with the words like wiki or bio. If you are planning to travel or you are in a business trip, you can search your positive words using different IP addresses and computers. If possible, try to use as many PCs as you can when searching for your name with positive words.
  • Be Creative- you may add your preferred search term on your email signature or business card, so people can easily link your name with any phrases. This may also help them search your name online without encountering various terms that may affect their views. You can also consider linking your name or email signature to a search result directly, so people can easily find information about you.

Putting Everything Into Action

Autocomplete values are essential for one’s bio. If you want to get positive results, spend some time in considering those mentioned methods above. Many experts highly recommend the use of social media networking sites like Facebook and Twitter because they know that there are millions of users on such sites.

Autocomplete suggestions may have an impact on one’s personal brand, but with the use of different positive values in Autocomplete, this may help you improve your personal brand. So, if you want to take care of your image to the public, being aware with Google Autocomplete is essential because this can be the solution to your concerns when maintaining your personal brand. If you are still confused with Autocomplete and want to know more about it, reading some articles that tackle about Google Autocomplete can be the best solution.

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