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Ace Testimonials

Description Of Work: Internet Marketing...

Comments: Being an Internet Market Dominator myself, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a Solid, Skilled, Reliable and most of all a Dedicated coder on my side. Ace Web Optimization has proven his talents, skills and expertise time and time again. Having Ace Web on my team for the last 6 months while working on a half million dollar project over the last 6 months has been the back bone of my operations. Their immediate response with any and all requests has made me look like a superstar to my current client. I thought I was the only one who lives, breaths and eats Internet Marketing until I found them returning texts, emails, and calls at all hours of the day 6 days a week with responses like “I am all over it!” There is nothing AWO can’t do and it is a real pleasure to work with such a talented, dedicated and humorous team! It is also worth mentioning that I made them a partner on other projects.
Shawn T.
Amazing, I would ONLY use him. Very honest and extremely sincere. Thank goodness!!! I found him. It went great, he is amazing, did a great job, a wonderful person to work with.
Zulficar Restum (BEVERLY HILLS, CA)
Description Of Work: worked with Ace to create a mobile app.

Comments: very reliable company. was in need of someone with lots of coding experience that could complete my project. with communication in place we were able to go back and forth a few times a week until things were on point and complete. If you have a clear vision and understanding of what you want this will save time and make things a lot easier for both sides. I'd definitely recommend the services of this company.
Tyrone Hall (Sunnyside, NY)
Description Of Work: Ace published articles on Google about my photography. He then worked on getting my keywords ranked on the first page of Google.

Comments: I am very pleased with the progress thus far. I understand it takes time, and I was not able to afford a faster pace to get my ranking improved, but James has already got me on the first page of Google for several of my keywords. It will take time and effort to generate high volume traffic, but I feel we are well on our way to getting there. James is extremely response when I have a question for him, and always gets back to me right away. I think this has been money well spent.
Dennis Frates (WILSONVILLE, OR)
Description Of Work: Search Engine Marketing or SEO

Comments: I am not an experienced businessman, but I have enough sense to know that in order to have a successful business I needed to have a good online presence. Since I was a new business people had a hard time finding me on the web, and since my location isn't really visible on the street I had to have a way where people would learn about me more than just through word of mouth. I truly didn't know the term then, but what I needed was SEO or Search Engine Marketing. A good friend of mine is an experienced businesswoman and she recommended Ace Web Optimization. She showed me what the company did for her in terms of optimization and I was actually surprised. You could find her right right away. What Sam did for her company was amazing. I knew I needed to talk to him. The people at Ace Web had a meeting with me and explained everything I needed to know in a way that I could understand. It was really great talking to them because I felt like they actually knew what he was doing, and he wasn't super uptight. Either way, my main goal was results. Would this help me get more leads which would lead to more clients? Yes. I have more then just a pretty website. I have a successful website that people can SEE. People find me. I am no longer buried on google. That is what makes me a happy customer. I have customers that find me, period, and that is all i care about at this time.
Henry Tu (Richmond, VA)
Description Of Work: They designed a web page for me.

Comments: I have worked very closely with Ace Web Optimization on a complex web design site and development. Each final design was excellent and the entire Ace team were extremely patient and meticulous during the design process. They always answered any questions I had and gave realistic timelines for the completion of every design. I would recommend anyone looking for honesty and quality work from a website design and online marketing SEO company to use Ace Web Optimization!
Guilly Pielago (Tustin, CA)
Description Of Work: SEO for our new local business

Comments: We hired Ace Web Optimization to bring our business onto the first page of Google for specific search words we had a list for. We are happy to report that within 2 months we already have 2 of the keywords on the 1st page of Google yahoo and bing. We are seeing slight increase in call volume. Can't wait to get all of them I the 1st page. We know it takes time as Sam explained. We tried other SEO companies and flushed our money in the toilet. These guys DO what they SAY!
Description Of Work: SEO for our School

Comments: I work for a school and we were having some issues with our website on Google. I was instructed by upper management to find a firm that does SEO. Honestly I didn't know anything about SEO, just that it had something to do with Google. (dumb look!) I called and spoke to Tom, first off, I would like to say how nice and more importantly, patient he was with me since I don't know all that much about web stuff. Well Jack TomI spoke for about 30 minutes, he was kind enough to explain how their SEO (which by this time I knew it meant Search Engine Optimization) services work and how it might help our school reach the parents we want seeing our site. Him and his team laid out their strategy after insisting we call their references. They're very organize and informative, they tell you what they need and how long it should take. Currently we have just got on page one and already we are seeing an increase in traffic and a couple calls came through. If you're looking for SEO, these are your guys!
Jeffrey Mal (Rochester, NY)
Description Of Work: Online marketing for Google first page placement

Comments: Ace got us to the 1st page of Google yahoo and bing within 3 months. We are happy that we now have an online presence and already start to see calls coming in. We are now adding more locations for our business. Thank you Alex and the team at Ace!
Nick Hernandez (Monsey , NY 10952)
Description Of Work: Website Ecommerce Store

Comments: Sam and his team at Ace are creative, quick, and extremely responsive, even after the project is "complete." My site is now up and running, and we already got our first orders! Everyone at Ace were happy to answer my questions, provide original files, and they are very good with timely follow-up work when needed. In addition to all of this, they were a pleasure to work with, and a straightforward, friendly! Now I understand why they call you "ACE"!
Stephanie Goldstein (Cambridge, NY)
Description Of Work: Ace Web Company updated my 5 year old word press site, (my baby) as well as fixed my logo pic that shows up on the address line when anyone is on my site. Several other things he found that I was concerned about. Everything was perfect when he finished. Out of several graphic designers and word press professionals, he was the best and easiest on my nerves as all of them put together.

Comments: Everything was perfect when he finished. Out of several graphic designers and word press professionals, he was the best and easiest on my nerves as all of them put together.
Lorraine Duncan (LEES SUMMIT, MO)
Description Of Work: i found Ace Web Optimization by way of referral from a colleague of mine. I needed an interactive site for my new business, and after several interviews, Ace seemed to be the right fit. The website was designed, loaded and launched very recently and already i am getting compliments. The best part of their service, and i know their competitors did not offer this, is that they took the whole projects start to finish. They secured the domain name, hosting, and all other things needed.

Comments: All in all, i am very happy with the product, the efficiency, the price and their business handling of what needed to get done. i highly recommend them.
Rodney Milone (Los Angeles , CA)
Description Of Work: Ace developed a stellar e-commerce site for me. James was very responsive and understanding with the requirements of the site and the technicalities that ensued. We have been working around the clock back and forth sharing ideas on how to improve the site and its function so that the customers would want to return for more.

Comments: This large scale project was taken on by the guys at Ace and I must say that I am very pleased thus far. The site has been put together before my eyes and although there have been a few hurdles along the way I believe I am satisfied with the progress. The pricing for the project has been understandable given the intricate function the website it to perform. James has a very good understanding of the do's and don'ts of the cyber world and how things should run for the best returns. I look forward to having my projects done under his watchful eye in the future.
Kieron Anthony (Miami, FL)
Description Of Work: Search Engine Optimization

Comments: i hired ace web optimization to increase my google ranking via doing search engine optimization, or as they call it seo. it cost $950 every month, they told me it will take about 6-12 months to see some good results. i was truly shocked to see that in 2 months we were already on the very first page of google. i am very happy i hired them. we are now adding more keywords so we can generate more phone calls of clients.
Victoria Bronstein (Los Angeles, CA)
Description Of Work: Website and Search Engine Marketing for my Dental business

Comments: Hired these folks to do a website and get it on the first page of google, yahoo, bing when anyone searches for Dentist Los Angeles. These guys did a great job on the website, and within a few months i was getting calls from the internet since they did that search engine thing. I am very happy.
Robert Rocco (Los Angeles, CA)
Description Of Work: Website Development

Comments: I was very fortunate in finding Ace Web Optimization on the Internet at a time when another website company had let me down, just as my advert was about to appear in a magazine, quoting my website name. I contacted Ace Web Optimization and Sam called me back - something many other companies had failed to do. Within two days, I was sitting in his office planning my website. Two days later, my Homepage was ready. It looked so professional with such a beautiful design, it took my breath away and I got a lump in my throat. Seven days after that, my website went live. Sam's professionalism, courteous manner and patience was second to none. Being a one man business and knowing nothing at all about websites, I left everything to Sam, and he didn't let me down. Everyone who saw my website commented on how wonderful it looked and I have given the name to many people. Lastly, the price .......not the cheapest on the market. but you get what you pay for, and don't let anyone tell you different! I would have never found such a professional company who did an amazing job for me at a very reasonable price.
Anthony Farkash (Los Angeles, CA)
Description Of Work: I hired Ace Wed Optimization to design and create my webpage for my start-up business. They performed the work well. ACE got me the domain name, hosting, all required photos and everything related to the site. I am not compute savvy and therefor needed a lot of help on how to do it.

Comments: From the onset, the meeting in the modest wesl-LA office went great. My web dersigner was there with two of this programmers and we discussed every detail of what I wanted and how it should/would look. Everyone on the ACE team had an input at one time or another and this lead to a productive meeting with concrete results. I signed a detailed contract and in 3 months the site was built and ready for launch. ACE handled the launch and now I am getting my word around. The ACE team does well with constant communication and kept me informed every step of the way . All required payments came with an invoice detailing what it was I was paying for. If you are building a site or even want an opinion on it, the guys at ACE are very knowledgeable, courteous and ready to help. Now i need customers! I am considering doing Search Engine Optimization with ACE as I see they have good reviews on Angie'sList, which I am fairly new to. THANK YOU EVERYONE AT ACE WEB OPTIMIZATION.
Maggie Moore (Los Angeles, CA)
Description Of Work: Online Marketing and press releases

Comments: We were looking to get a better name recognition out there by branding out product better. Ace provided us with some pretty amazing solutions. We spoke on the phone for a month before we decided on the strategy, and all this was FREE of charge, they did not even both to ask for a consulting fee for their time. This told me a lot about this company and that their goal is more than just making a quick buck, they truly want to help you succeed, for us this was what we were looking for. Ace Web Optimization professionally copy-wrote Press Release articles about our operation and syndicated them to hundreds of channels, some were TV others were Radio, etc... This brought a decent amount of traffic to our site and more importantly, we were featured on Google News, which was amazing! Our name is now all over the internet. We have signed up for a year and thus far are super happy with the results. Highly recommended!
Clifford Smith (Buffalo, NY)
Description Of Work: Had Ace Web Optimization help with our website and some SEO work, I actually like doing the "website stuff" myself - just don't have the time anymore. Anyways, the web projects we had done would have taken me weeks to (learn) complete. They(Ace Web people) had me done and up in days and better than ever! Thanks again... You earned the review!

Comments: This firm is honest, clear and there are not hidden surprises. I would recommend them to anyone. Good work.
Cindi Crowe (LOS ANGELES, CA)
Description Of Work: Create web site, teach how to use it.

Comments: Price is reasonable. They were all very patient with me, explain to operate with the web site he created. Available any time for my questions. Provide friendly support.
Ann Levitansky (LOS ANGELES, CA)
Description Of Work: Complete set up of our website

Comments: We couldn't be more pleased! Eric was very informative, helpful, and patient! He was open to our suggestions, and understood what we needed. We highly recommend this company to everyone. We are very impressed, he did a great job. He returned all of our phone calls. We are very pleased.
Zulficar Restum (BEVERLY HILLS, CA)
Description Of Work: Website Design selling perfumes online ecommerce

Comments: Dealing with a company like Ace was a great experience from start to finish. They listened to what I wanted and added some of their own touches which made the project a complete success. I would recommend them to anyone ready to make a difference on the web. They have great products and made me feel very comfortable with the way they explained every detail. THANKS AGAIN ya all!
Yung Yoon (Los Angeles, CA)
Description Of Work: Jerry at Ace provided me with web optimization for my web site

Comments: James is great to work with very fast, easy, affordable and knowledgeable. will definitely be doing business again in the future. Thanks James.
Description Of Work: We met with Tom at Ace Web Optimization having discovered his company on Angie's list. Our goal was to build a stylish, but not overly complex, custom Website specifically to promote a first time author and thereby seek to establish a Web presence through social media activity.

Comments: From start to finish working with Tom has been a pleasure. The quality of design, the attention to detail, the willingness to explore our ideas to their fullest extent, have all contributed to an outstanding end result which we are exceptionally pleased with. Tom is a cheerful and gracious man. He returns telephone calls promptly. He answers e-mail questions succinctly. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with his company for some time to come.
Description Of Work: Website fix/enhancement...

Comments: Was great. Did not require any sort of contract, were cheaper than the other companies I looked into, and fixed my company's website in a timely and efficient manner. Good job guys!
Allen Sheals (REDONDO BEACH, CA)
Description Of Work: Website and Search Engine Optimization for me & Reputation Management for my friend

Comments: Hands down, these guys are the most sincere website ninjas I have ever dealt with. Their out of this world expertise in website design and Search Engine strategy is just shocking in the most positive way. I've talked to a bunch of SEO guys in the past and none of them can compare. I am not sure how this company has their expertise, if they just read a lot, or go to courses, but these ninjas know how to design a website and quickly get your website to show up on the top of google's organic search results, just stunning! They build me a website that is simple, clean, to the point, and most critical, google friendly (which is the most important thing to me since i am not a fan of paying google every penny i got to my name for the rest of my life, it gets really expensive with them). What i liked most about the ace web team is that they do high end QUALITY work, hands down. Extremely detailed oriented and they truly care about EVERY SINGLE aspect of the website, be it the logo, its color, photos, the overall look & feel of the site, how will clients react the first second they see the site, you name it, they simply CARE. I am a super idiot when it comes to coding and this google stuff, so i was pretty reluctant to work with a web company because I was afraid i would have to email them constant changes to the site, but they were so nice and suggested where certain buttons should go, why certain things should be where they are, and amazingly patient with me. They are quick to respond to my emails and phone calls (even text messages) and are very professional. The one thing i feel that separates this company from the others i have spoken to is that they are extremely passionate about their job. You can tell they simply love what they do and it shows in the finished product. Through my business dealings with them, i learned so much about other services offered through other mediums that saved me thousands and made my life so much easier. They love to share, and so they care. I refereed a friend of mine to them that has an issue with reputation online, and so far he has seen amazing results where they are helping him clean his name online, just stunning, all around experts. I would hire them again in a second.
Angela White (Chicago, IL)
Description Of Work: Website Design

Comments: Like some other people who wrote reviews, I too shopped around a bit, but no one compared to the immediate connection I had with Sam. He TRULY & REALLY listened to what I wanted, and had ideas and suggestions that I never even thought of, but that were totally in the correct theme/ line of thinking I was going for. He REALLY cares how successful your website is - not just whether you "like" it or not, but if it is going to get you the best business possible. He asks tons of questions to make sure he implements everything necessary for your success, I just LOVED that, and he also makes everything super easy and user friendly. I am NOT a tech-orientated person, but he was able to do EXACTLY what I wanted... AND we live 4,000 miles away from each other. Now THAT'S talent!
Vincent Tam (Houston, TX)
Description Of Work: they designed our website

Comments: I spent a great deal of time researching the various web design companies in the Virginia Beach area to help my law firm with the launch of our new website. When I contacted Ace Web Optimization I spoke directly with an actual web developer, as opposed to a sales person. They took the time to listen to all of my needs and wants, and explained the best way to approach my project, using non-technical language that was easy to understand. The Ace Web designers did an excellent job capturing our company's brand vision and translating it into an engaging website design. Then we worked directly with a very talented Wordpress developer who engineered an amazing content management system, providing us with total control of our website's content. After launching our firm's website, we have continued to work with the their marketing team for SEO, Google Adwords, social media and online advertising consulting. it has been a short few months and we are just fascinated with the result and hope they continue to rise in the same or even better pace.
Scott Pamela (Virgina Beach, VA)
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