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Google Analytics Consulting

Whenever the Google Analytics Consulting name is being taken, Beacon has to be mentioned as well; termed as one of the longest standing partners in the country. And its impeccability can be further highlighted by mentioning Beacon got selected by Google after very grueling selection techniques, qualifications and processes back in 2007. Considering what we have achieved makes us not only proud of ourselves but also strengthens our faith on our capabilities because it was never an easy task to achieve the level of distinction we actually did.

So how can we be of your assistance? Yes, we are always here to assist you with all your support needs regarding Google Analytics. We certainly know how to help you in your tiresome Google analytics support needs; setup, reporting, segmentation, configuration, tracking and educating your internal staff is all what we provide you with to make your life easier. And our aim of providing you with support is being ensured by our dedicated team of Google Analytics experts and Google staff who assures none of your gravel or simple issue get unresolved.

You have a website? And you are inquisitive enough to know who your visitors are. Knowing about your visitors is an important task these days. Inevitability of the success of your website somehow relates to the knowing of the fact that who visits the website how often. Another major point to be remembered is that for several purposes it is also immensely vital to know how people interact with your website. Once a website owner gets to know all this important information about the visitors and their interaction with the website, certain actions could be made to make things better for their business.

Once all this information has been revealed, you can actually take steps utilizing the information to properly understand your marketing and sales demands and can further focus on your marketing resources so that you can expect results favorable in terms of sales, lead generation and ROI.

Beacon has made its mark at setting up the following and at the provision of following funnel analysis:

  • Ecommerce Tracking Module
  • Internal Site Search analysis
  • Adwords Integration
  • Goal Tracking


Google Analytics Support, Setup & Configuration


Setup and Installation

Google Analytics setup requires several factors to be considered. These aspects have to be discussed before setting up Google Analytics. We make sure you get the best results. And that is why we do understand the importance of what you want? Your words and ideas matter the most.At beginning we have a s consultation session with you and there is a site review too so that we could discuss your ongoing marketing strategy. Your aim and objectives are being discussed at this stage as well where we want to know where you lie currently and what are your future requirements.Your desired metrics are also being discussed in great detail to get a crystal clear view of what type of goals do you want. All these initial consultations aide us in understanding your business, success factors and custom requirements.

Beacon applies Google Analytics tracking code utterly throughout your website so that all the visitors are being accurately tracked, centered on the reporting, segmentation and profiling requirements, Beacon makes sure to track visitors across all segments of the website. Date segmentation is being made possible by the installations of filters and profiles along with the appropriate individual user settings.

Installation of any user defined segmentation can be made possible by Beacon; member activity versus non-member activity, tracking marketing landing pages that are unique and different. Other than this, manual tagging scripts are also applied as per requirements, efficiently applying ecommerce data and tracking information to any desired marketing channels (existing, email, PPC, online, etc.)

Ecommerce Integration

You want to run effective campaigns for your Ecommerce Store? Google Analytics provides you with this facility as well. Google Analytics can pull your revenue data from the transactions made at your store. And this can be done by advanced ecommerce installations so that you could aim at higher ROI channels.

These ecommerce setups ask for web development knowledge and this can be provided to you by the expertise being offered by the Beacon technologies whose Digital Marketing specialists are constantly examining the ecommerce data to get good results.

Adwords Integration

You want to import your Google Adwords costs for some specific words so that you could see the actual cost-versus-revenue data for each of the keyword? Our Google Analytics support specialists would do that or you.Once this being done, you can actually make better and more useful decisions on immaculate utilization of your budget.

Conversion Metrics

A goal is one thing common in all the websites; small, trivial or major. Every websites has a goal. It might be just a trivial act of filling a form or can be a purchase. They are being termed as “conversions” and the frequency of these is only the beginning of conversion metrics. So your conversion triggers matters for the successful deployment of your site and Beacon ensures the identification and establishment of your site’s conversion triggers.What we do is to identify the goal paths that can later on generate the highest conversion rates and can help your site’s traffic being directed through specific paths.Goal funneling is another useful technique we use to determine if your visitors are dropping out of these specific conversion paths. To stimulate the number of conversions, weak areas are being monitored and adjusted steadily by Beacon.

IP and Website Filtering

Large volume of internal traffic? Visits from external sites within your network? If you have visits like this your analytics might be crooked. For this you need to have filters setup of Google Analytics based on traffic coming from another website, particular IP addresses or from a specific index from within your site. For all the companies that have more than one networks straddling the globe because they have a very extensive volume of visitors data, these filters could be of extreme benefit.

Custom Report Creation

Beacon wants you to be satisfied with our services so it works with you in setting up custom reports in Google Analytics. These reports can help and support the business decisions you take. For regular deliveries these reports are automated so that your key performance indicators does not gets neglected and keeps on reminding you what is important for you.


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